Dr. Jen Cherewaty

Jen Cherewaty RTCMP, RAc

North Vancouver, BC

“I believe each of us has health and happiness as our true nature. When you fall off track, you just need the right tools & a caring practitioner to assist your body, mind and spirit back into balance. I care, deeply caring is part of my true nature.” – Jen Cherewaty, RAc, RTCMP

In 1994, I had a bad car accident that left me with severe back pain. The only thing aside from increasing amounts of pain medication that the medical doctors could offer me was surgery to fuse my vertebrae together. Sensing there must be another way I started seeing a chiropractor, naturopath and acupuncturist. I also started doing yoga regularly. My back pain went away and many other health ailments I had decreased or disappeared all together. I was inspired. I began studying herbal medicine online and then knew I needed to know more so I started school at Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, Ontario. Here I became smitten with the power of acupuncture and chinese herbs and transferred to the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences in Nelson, BC. I became a Doula during this time and starting helping woman birth their babies which inspired me to focus my studies on fertility, pregnancy, birthing and postpartum care. I also became a yoga teacher and started sharing yoga with others in regular classes. I believe my life events led me to become an Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine practitioner, Doula, Yoga Instructor and I am so honoured to have learned so much from all my patients over my 10+ years of practice.

I believe that heathy living is our true nature. We can take small steps everyday to nurture this by taking time to meditate, prepare delicious, nourishing food and eat well, move the body and laugh. Laughter, joy and love are essential.

Acupuncture and chinese medicine are highly effective healing tools. A client can come for a treatment with high levels of stress, wonky female cycles, emotional turmoil, digestive issues and/or pain. I listen attentively to what is going on for them and their symptoms and then choose points to calm and regulate the nervous system and body. Afterwards, everyone feels calm, they have come back to a relaxed state, their true self has returned. I love this about acupuncture.

What I love most about the North Shore is the easy access to the mountains. I spent years living in the Canadian Rockies & Kootenays which sparked my mountain adventure passion. For me, my soul is nourished and sours when I am out in the mountains hiking or cross country skiing.

My idea of the perfect day here on the West Coast is doing anything with my son Finn and my husband Eddy, but especially doing things outside together… tending our backyard garden, swimming at Cates Park, cross country skiing at Cypress Mountain or hiking at Mount Seymour.