Dr. Natalia Ytsma

Dr. Natalia Ytsma, ND

North Vancouver, BC

My pursuit into naturopathic medicine started at a young age when my mother pointed out that the stinging nettle that grew by our garage was rich in iron and could be used to make tea. It motivated me to study medicine and pursuit a career helping others achieve good health.

After university, I had the wonderful opportunity to teach kindergarten and high school-aged children and it was during that time that I became amazed at the limitless capabilities that learning can have on young minds. I knew then and there that my role as a future doctor was not just to help. It was to educate. After all, the rooted term of Doctor, docere, means “to teach”. My goal became to provide young families with education and skill set to learn, heal, and grow into their best selves. As a parent myself, I also want to make sure that healing comes in the most authentic way and with the safest, simplest and most realistic approach. Nowadays when I take my son for walks, I find myself pointing out dandelions to him, telling him you can make tea out of it, and I know my late mother would be proud.

I’m excited to join this wonderful team and look forward to servicing this great community.