Our Health Programs

Health Programs

Clear, evidence-based strategies that get results.
Join one of our naturopathic health programs and get complete diagnostics, a personalized plan, improve health outcomes and support your lifelong wellness. This is your roadmap to wellness.

Weight Management

  • Our evidence-based weight loss program focuses on long term weight management rather than just weight loss;
  • Get the nutrition plan and support you need from licensed naturopathic physicians and nutritionists.
  • Our program is personalized and based on your specific health goals, food sensitivities, genetic variance, hormone balance, and more.
  • Ask us about the Weight Management program that is right for you

Hormone Balancing

Hormone imbalance can be at the root of a whole host of symptoms including weight gain, acne, PMS, mood swings, sleep disorders, fatigue, bloating, and many more.

Our personalized Hormone Balancing Program is for both women and men and involves advanced testing for biomarkers such as thyroid, insulin, cortisol, sex hormones, and dozens more.

Ask us about how we can personalize a plan to rebalance and optimize your hormones.

Children's Health

As a parent, the health of your child is your first priority. Make sure your child is growing and off to the best possible start by bringing her in for regular natural health well child check-ups.

Learn about optimal nutrition, supporting healthy lifestyle habits for your children, and have any concerns addressed as they arise so that over the long-term, your healthy child can grow into a healthy adult.

Ask us about creating a plan for wellness for your child.

Digestive Health

At Restoration Health Clinic, one of our special interests is looking deeper into your digestive symptoms and helping you to heal your gut. From IBS, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, diarrhea, bloating, and constipation, we get to the why of your gut-related symptoms.

We seek to identify the food sensitivities or intolerances that may be causing you to unwell. We believe it’s important to get sensitivities properly diagnosed and to treat them early. We are interested in how your gut’s microbiota balance, your food habits, and

Ask us how our Digestion Program can treat the cause of your digestive symptoms.

Natural Fertility

Our naturopathic physicians provide drugless natural fertility methods to help you achieve your goal of establishing a healthy pregnancy.

Your assessment and treatment is comprehensive, individualized and tailored to your health concerns and your time frame. We work with both partners to optimize nutrition, lifestyle, environmental health, determine genetic obstacles, and reduce stress. Using naturopathic treatments, we support optimal ovulation, conception, pregnancy, and birth.

Our naturopathic physicians provide naturopathic support for women using assisted reproduction technology including IVF or IUI to achieve pregnancy. On-site acupuncture is available for before and after IVF transfers.

Healthy Aging

Reverse the signs of aging from the inside-out. Using evidence-based tools, we examine the layers of factors involved in the aging process. We seek to restore your skin’s glow, elasticity, prevent heart disease, speed healing from injuries, and more.

Turn back the clock by examining the foods your DNA needs most, the hormones that can hinder and heal your body, and lifestyle factors that restore your health both internally and externally.


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