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The wonders of Pine Pollen for Men’s Health

For this edition of my blog post, I thought I would write to you about a personal experience I have had lately with a natural product that I had never tried before – pine pollen. Yes, that’s right – that sticky yellow powder that covers your car in springtime actually has some amazing health properties – especially for us guys knocking on 50 like me.

It turns out that pine pollen has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine as a both a tonic and super food. It has been shown to contain over 200 bioactive compounds including antioxidants, flavonoids, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and phytosterols. It is the phytosterols (aka plant hormones) which are very interesting as they have similar chemistry to human androgens like DHEA and testosterone that the body can recognize and use.

For both men and women alike, as we age, our hormone levels will drop and sometimes very quickly or at earlier than normal ages. For men, when our testosterone levels are low in our 40s or 50s, this can play out in issues with energy, brain health, cardiovascular health and sexual health – just to name a few. Pine Pollen has been shown to pack some impressive ingredients into this sticky little powder. These ingredients include;

  • DHEA – a precursor to most hormones in our body – including testosterone
  • Testosterone – hormone in both males and females to help with vitality and energy
  • Abscisic acid – a plant hormone compound that has been shown to activate immune cells as well as generation of stem cell activity (read anti-aging)
  • Glutathione – the body’s premier antioxidant and detoxification molecule
  • SOD – aka superoxide dismutase. A powerful anti-inflammatory and tissue regenerator
  • MSM – a sulfur-containing molecule that helps with energy and inflammation especially providing nutrition to connective tissues surrounding joints
  • L – Dopa – the amino acid precursor to dopamine – a brain chemical responsible for concentration, motivation and self-esteem
  • Arginine – an amino acid involved in enhancing circulation and blood flow via aiding nitric oxide production (read helps circulation in heart, brain and reproductive areas) Research on pine pollen has been done largely in Asia in several areas including arthritis, anti-aging, cancer, dementia, diabetes, immune and inflammation.

This Pine Pollen comes in both a powder or liquid form which you can mix into food or beverage. I have personally been using it in liquid tincture form for the past few months now and feel I am noticing a positive difference. I just thought I would share this personal experience with this interesting gift from mother nature…

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I wish you all an amazing year in 2020!

In Health,
Dr. Cameron McIntyre, ND

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