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Restore Your Health Workshops

Restore Your Health Workshops


We’ve got exciting news! 2021 is about to get off to an epic start with the launch of Restore Your Health Workshops. This Naturopathic Doctor-facilitated health education program is designed to support you as you transform your health and uplevel your hormones, mood, metabolism, and mindset. Please watch Dr. Julie Durnan ND’s video announcement HERE.

Have you ever wanted your ND to just sit down and explain everything to you? Like start from the beginning, and really let you in on everything you need to know to gain more energy, balance your hormones, soothe your digestion, keep your kids’ immune systems strong? Cue Restore Your Health Workshops!

This difference with this group medicine program:

This is a brand new health care series full of new research and updated information and we can’t wait to share it with you. 2020 changed the way healthcare is delivered, and we are leveraging all we have learned to make a truly impactful and accessible series of workshops delivered virtually to you in a group setting. You can kick back in your comfiest clothes, sip your herbal tea while learning how to integrate the best of naturopathic medicine into your life and your family’s life too.

Interactive, evidence-informed tools:

Each month a different topic will be presented and facilitated by one of our own incredible NDs. The topics will be presented live in a virtual setting to allow for a truly interactive, and transformative experience. Every topic will deliver need-to-know learning objectives and feature a hands on assessment or activity that will get you closer to achieving the level of health that you seek.

Our why:

Naturopathic Doctors spend an appreciable amount of time educating patients about their bodies and minds. In fact education is one of the principles of our profession: Docere – meaning doctor as teacher. We love helping each and every person who walks through our door leave with a better understanding of what they may be experiencing and what they can do to create change. This is the platform where we shine. Finally a place where we can speak with you for up to 2 hours each month without the rush or confines of the 30 minute clinical consult. We have so much to share with you and we can hardly wait.

Accessible and results-driven group education and medicine for you and your family:

Our mission with the creation of this educational series is to identify the conversations we are having repeatedly in our offices, research and curate the most pertinent information and applicable advice, and deliver it in a way that spreads our message to a wider audience. By expediting this learning process, our viewers will receive a higher educational value than an in-clinic consult, at a fraction of the cost of sitting in our offices one-on-one.

Our Naturopathic Doctors are changing the way health care is delivered:

Welcome to Restore Your Health Workshops.


Each workshop is priced at $99 dollars Canadian. Join us for the whole year at a 30% discount and get access to all workshops for $749.

We also have an early bird special. For those of you who join Restore Your Health Workshops before December 31st, you’ll get over 50% off our single workshop price. You’ll gain access to our year’s worth of education for $499.

Further, we are offering for the first time ever, 3 scholarships for full access to our 2021 workshops.

If you and your family have been negatively affected financially this year, we want to hear from you. Please email us with a short video recording of why you would most benefit from the Restore Your Health Workshops Scholarship and how you will put it to use in 2021. Send link of your video to [email protected] with subject line: Scholarship. We are accepting applications until midnight on December 31, 2020. We will be announcing all 3 winners on January 4th.

To purchase tickets for our Restore Your Health Workshops Membership or any one of our 12 individual workshops, click HERE. All of our individual monthly workshops can be purchased on online, but please note that to purchase the One Year Restore Your Health Workshops Membership, you must call the clinic at 604-990-6963 to book.


January 12: Energy Metabolism and Mood: Meet the thyroid (Dr. Julie Durnan ND and Dr. Katrina Allison ND)

Have you ever wondered if the reason you are tired, have low mood, and have trouble losing weight are connected? Let us introduce you to your thyroid gland. This small butterfly-shaped gland located at the base of your neck governs your ability to produce energy, regulate metabolism, generate heat, and balance mood. It also interacts and guides many of your body’s other hormones. The function of your thyroid is affected by common obstacles in our society: prolonged stress, a nutrient-poor diet, and autoimmune disease. In this session we’ll discuss the reason poor thyroid function is often missed and our tried and true strategies to boost your thyroid health to get you feeling well.

February 9: Optimal health begins in the gut: all about digestion (Dr. Kathleen Mahannah ND and Holistic Nutritionist Wendy Wells as Co-host)

Optimal digestion is such an important foundational pillar of health that we thought we’d address it right off the bat. Our digestive system is one of the primary ways our body interacts with the outside world. The food we eat and the nutrients our body extracts from it have a profound impact on the way our genes are expressed. This means our gut needs to be a strong and resilient barrier, and allow specific nutrients in while keeping other molecules out. In this session we’ll address the importance of your gut microbiome, what happens when the gut becomes too permeable to food proteins, and how to eat, drink and think to up-level your digestive function.

March 9: Bolster your brain: supporting cognition and mood (Dr. Cameron McIntyre ND)

Cognitive function and mental health are at an all time premium. These critical aspects of health influence our ability to show up at work, show up in our relationships and have a profound impact on quality of life. Learn how to support your brain and mood with nutrition, mindfulness training and targeted supplementation. We’ll cover strategies to cope with anxiety, depression, ADHD, traumatic brain injury, cognitive decline and more.

April 13: Exercise re-invented: a radically personalized approach to training (Dr. Katrina Allison ND)

What if you found out that all your fitness efforts were actually counterproductive to your goals? Many women are working against their physiology when it comes to exercise and nutrition. Whether you should be doing high intensity style training, gentle strengthening or aerobic work (and what combination of the above) depends on your age, strength and stability, stress levels, hormonal status and goals. NDs understand the whole picture and can put together the pieces of the puzzle that your training app may be missing.

May 11: Harnessing haywire hormones: female health, unplugged (Dr. Kathleen Mahannah ND)

Hormones are our bodies internal messengers, creating coordinated whole body responses to internal and external cues. When women feel exhausted, irritable, or just not like themselves, we always want to check out their hormones. Progesterone, estrogen, cortisol and thyroid hormone are interconnected in their roles and functions, and the delicate balance among them changes throughout the day, the month and different stages of life. In this session you’ll learn how to recognize hormonal imbalances and how to support your body through the many cycles and transitions that women go through.

June 8: Men have hormones too: a chat for the fellas (Dr. Cameron McIntyre ND)

Men’s hormones may not get the press that women’s hormones do, but boy do they matter. Men’s hormones play an integral role in muscle and bone mass, cognition, emotional health and libido. Testosterone, the primary male hormone, is a common concern among men. However the level of testosterone may not be the issue so much as how testosterone is getting broken down into downstream metabolites. It is the metabolites of testosterone that actually create clinical concerns such as prostate enlargement and male pattern hair loss. Furthermore, men’s hormones are particularly susceptible to a high stress lifestyle. Learn how to support the intricate balance of men’s hormones for health at every age.

July 13: Stop counting sheep: Why sleep is your secret weapon (Dr. Katrina Allison ND)

Ready for some tough love? Even superwoman needs to sleep. A multitude of essential processes go on when we sleep and we simply can’t function at our best without them. Memories are consolidated, cellular repair occurs, and our immune system is trained and strengthened. During this workshop, we’ll discuss the common reasons sleep sinks to the bottom of your priority list, and why you shouldn’t let it. Then we’ll shed light on our naturopathic tool kit that can help you catch some better Zzzs.

August 10: Keys to living better, longer: blood sugar and inflammation (Dr. Katrina Allison ND)

What is going on behind the scenes of your physiology has a huge impact on your long term health and longevity. Lifestyle factors including stress, sleep, diet and exercise have a profound ability to alter our health trajectory. We’ll go far beyond clinically evident conditions such as diabetes, and get into the nitty gritty of how poor blood sugar regulation could be impacting your brain, mood, sleep and body composition even in the absence of a diagnosis. We’ll define the vague term “inflammation” and outline the top contributors to a high inflammatory load as well as strategies to keep inflammation at bay.

September 14: Small but mighty: steps to raising healthy children (Dr. Julie Durnan ND)

Our kiddo’s are not just tiny adults, and as such, the treatments we provide for their wellness should be specific to their unique needs. We promote wellness in children of all ages by checking that they are meeting milestones, navigating common hurdles that come with each new stage, and focus on building their resilience so they continue to thrive. During this workshop we’ll tackle issues such as choosy eaters, allergies, frequent colds and flus, behavioral challenges, nutritional needs, and more. You will leave this workshop with a wellness plan to best support the unique needs and health of your child.

October 19: From wired and tired to DIALED: understanding your adrenals and stress (Dr. Katrina Allison ND)

Ever heard the expression tired and wired? Burnt out? Where do these sensations come from? Enter your adrenal glands. These hormone factories sit on top of your kidneys and are responsible for creating your stress response. The problem is, these glands evolved to help our ancestors escape from tigers, not to respond to the constant stimulation and stressors in our modern day lives. High stress lifestyles cause the adrenals to overproduce stress hormones to constantly help you rise to the occasion, but eventually they cannot keep up, creating a scenario we call “adrenal fatigue”. Learn how to support your adrenals and cope with stressors while keeping in mind the expectations of today’s society.

November 9: Your body’s microscopic army: supporting the immune system (Dr. Cameron McIntyre ND)

Our immune systems are our personal armies, responding to any threat or foreign invader. Composed of a variety of types of cells, the immune response is a delicate balance of aggression against bad guys, and tolerance to self proteins. When the immune system is over aggressive, we see things like autoimmunity and allergies. When the immune system is under functioning, we see chronic infections and a higher risk of cancer. Through nutrition strategies, herbs, time in nature, and stress management techniques, we can foster the right environment for our immune systems to stay on track.

December 7: Get out of your own way: cultivating a mindset for optimal health (Dr. Katrina Allison ND and Dr. Julie Durnan ND)

How do you know if your mindset is holding you back? Trick question, we ALL have mental vices that stop us from living to our full potential. The key is to identify your hang ups and be aware of when you are getting in your own way. By understanding your patterns (whether it be self sabotage, undervaluing your skillset, or being your own worst critic), we can work towards strategies that move you out of these routines and into a place of progress. We’ll learn about identifying and changing negative thought patterns, cultivating a growth mindset, and getting comfortable with stepping outside of your comfort zone.

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