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Julie Durnan

Restoration Health Clinic Membership Programs

We are so excited to announce Restoration Health Clinic’s membership programs! Our membership programs provide concierge natural medicine service specifically for people who are serious about committing to their health goals.

What is Concierge Natural Medicine? A naturopathic health program centred on the doctor-patient relationship. It’s perfect for patients looking for results, more one-on-one access to their ND, and an exclusive relationship with their Naturopathic Doctor (ND). Your ND will spend the time with you to provide exceptional, individualized care.

Perks of membership include advanced hormone and biomarker testing, priority scheduling, direct email messaging to your ND, after-hours urgent care access, nutrient injections, custom meal plans, body mass analysis, and natural pharmacy discounts.

Restoration Membership Programs are for people who have specific health goals including hormone balancing, stress management, weight loss, or fertility, for those want to improve chronic health concerns, and for people who want to maximize their peak performance in their business or in their sport.

Benefits of the program:

  • Direct, extended access to your ND daily and after-hours via emails and phone calls.
  • Priority scheduling for an in-person appointment within 72 hours.
  • Comprehensive extended appointments.
  • A true sense of diving deep into your whole health goals, systematically, with ND by your side.
  • Complimentary and discounted services on B12 injections, IV therapy, body assessment, cellular health + nutrient analysis, natural pharmacy prescriptions, and more.

Why a Concierge model?

“Patients want more. They want to dive deeper into their health, explore more facets of their health story, they want to stay up to date on current research that applies directly to them, from a trusted source, and they want to ask questions along the way. I feel so grateful for all the patients I’ve had the privilege of working with. And now I want to go into more depth with these patients and to offer them more. Not through administrative assistants, interns, and medical assistants, not through pre-recorded spiels, but personally straight from me, one-on-one.” – Dr Julie Durnan, ND


Should you wish to stay in our current fee-for-service clinic model, you don’t need to do a thing! You will continue to receive the high level of service you’ve grown to expect from our naturopathic physicians at the clinic. We value our relationship with you and we look forward to contributing to the long-term wellness of you and your community.

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