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The wonders of Pine Pollen for Men’s Health

For this edition of my blog post, I thought I would write to you about a personal experience I have had lately with a natural product that I had never tried before – pine pollen. Yes, that’s right – that sticky yellow powder that covers your car in springtime actually

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Top 6 Nutrients for a Healthy Gut

Gas, bloating and abdominal pains are the most recognizable symptoms of digestive upset and damage to the intestinal lining. Other, less obvious, signs that the integrity of your intestinal lining has been compromised include acne, skin rashes, irritability, anxiety, brain fog and poor memory, focus or concentration. To address your

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Four Ways to Heal Period Pain

Painful periods affect more than half of women who menstruate. When period pain is not caused by another condition, like endometriosis, it is due to excess inflammatory mediators that play a role in the monthly cycle. This causes a decrease in blood flow to the uterus, leading to cramping and

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Restoration Health Clinic

New Residency Program at RHC!

We are thrilled to announce that Restoration Health Clinic is now approved as the first CNME (Council on Naturopathic Medical Education) accredited post-graduate Residency Program for naturopathic graduates from Canadian naturopathic colleges. This program is directed by Dr Julie Durnan ND and is a two-year full-time program that consists of

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