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A Biomedical Approach to Autism

April is Autism Awareness Month and with that, I thought it would be informative to explain the approach I take when assessing and treating Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Autism in the western world has seen dramatic increases over the past decades. In the early 1990s the estimated rate of ASD

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Hormone Balancing For Weightloss

Calories in + Calories Out = Weight Loss… or does it? Unfortunately this an outdated and flawed formula is one that we still see and hear about all of the time. Do you want to lose a few pounds? Eat less and exercise more! Does this method get results? Yes…until

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Top 6 Nutrients for a Healthy Gut

Gas, bloating and abdominal pains are the most recognizable symptoms of digestive upset and damage to the intestinal lining. Other, less obvious, signs that the integrity of your intestinal lining has been compromised include acne, skin rashes, irritability, anxiety, brain fog and poor memory, focus or concentration. To address your

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5Rs to Optimal Digestive Health

Your digestive tract, or as we lovingly like to refer to it at the clinic – your GUT, is the foundation for great health. So it makes sense that in order to connect with health, we must first heal the gut. There have been numerous articles written on the subject

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Powerful Morning Routines

If you’re interested in being a top performer, whether that’s at work, athletics, or in your own personal life, you’ve probably noticed many articles circulating about how to optimize your morning routine to be more energized and productive throughout the rest of the day. I love to try out new

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Cool Family Health: Keep Your Family Cool This Summer

Summer is coming soon here on the North Shore and this weather is what we have been waiting for all year. If you’re like my family, you spend plenty of time hitting the local beaches here in Vancouver and on the North Shore. My boys and I love swimming, throwing

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