Restore Your Health Workshops

Restore Your Health Workshops

Announcing… We’ve got exciting news! 2021 is about to get off to an epic start with the launch of Restore Your Health Workshops. This Naturopathic Doctor-facilitated health education program is designed to support you as you transform your health and uplevel your hormones, mood, metabolism, and mindset. Please watch Dr.

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5 Signs You May Have Low Thyroid Function

Hypothyroidism is a common condition that can make it challenging to live your life to the fullest. Check out these signs and symptoms below to see if your thyroid health needs a check up! You’re tired Fatigue is one of the primary symptoms of hypothyroidism. This is because our thyroid

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Vitamin D – The Sunshine Vitamin

We are now offering Vitamin D injections at the clinic! This painless and quick intramuscular injection is offered once per week for patients who are Vitamin D deficient. In just a few weeks, levels quickly go up into optimal range for most patients. If you spend most of your time

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Healing the Root Cause of Hypothyroidism: Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

If you have ever suffered from unusual fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, menstrual irregularities, or cold intolerance, hopefully you had your thyroid hormones checked. One of the most common conditions I treat in my practice is hypothyroidism, which is a very common hormone disorder involving a low-functioning thyroid gland. Hypothyroidism

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