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What to do Right After an Injury

What do you do right after you roll that ankle or strain a muscle? Come see us at RHC. We offer a wide range of treatments that will help speed your recovery and reduce your initial pain. Why not get back to doing what you love sooner and experiencing less pain? Proper recovery is crucial for you returning to your maximum potential.

There are a variety of treatments helpful in the initial stages of injury:

  • Full assessment of injury
  • Contrast Hydrotherapy
  • Acupuncture to reduce pain
  • Intra-articular and muscular injections to help recovery and reduce inflammation
  • Soft tissue muscle work to improve blood flow and decrease inflammation
  • Anti-inflammatory botanical prescriptions
  • Nutritional suggestions to improve healing
  • IV therapy to support recovery
  • Recovery plan and exercises to restore full motion and use

Speed Recovery + Reduce Pain with Naturopathic Treatment

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