Select the Best Method of Birth Control for You

If you are interested in contraception, you have many different options other than the oral contraceptive pill. Our naturopathic physicians will coach you through the many different natural and less invasive options.

At Restoration Health Clinic, we offer the following in-house prescriptions:

  • FemCap. Much like a cervical cap, the FemCap sits securely around your cervix and is used as a barrier method to avoiding conception. It can be inserted up to 48 hours before intercourse and left in for just as long. You will be properly fitted at the clinic.
  • Birth Control Pill. Our naturopathic physicians will suggest the best option for your current state of hormonal health. We will consider any symptoms, reactions, and your convenience.
  • Nuva Ring. This method of contraception is ordered by prescription.
  • Natural Family Planning.  Using the hormonal fluctuations in your own cycle, we are able to track your fertile window and coach you through methods on avoidance of pregnancy.
  • IUD insertion coming soon.

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