Treating Chronic Pain with Naturopathic Medicine + Acpuncture

The experience of having pain involves both a physical and an emotional component. In order to effectively treat pain, all causes must be addressed.

Pain is a signal to the brain that a certain part of the body is vulnerable and requires our awareness and healing to prevent further damage from occurring. With this important concept in mind, we use a combination of therapies to target the root cause of an individual’s pain and discomfort that goes beyond simply turning off the pain signal.

Restoration Health Clinic’s approach to pain management addresses both acute and chronic pain concerns. We’ll help you manage acute pain from sports injuries and car accidents to chronic pain that is often associated with arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia and chronic injuries.

Some of our most effective and fast-acting treatments for pain are the use of acupuncture, soft and accurate adjustments, and muscle trigger point therapy.

We restore your body with a healthy nutritional program and re-educate your body’s posture to eliminate strain. In addition, our micronutrient injection therapies not only decrease pain but also enhance tissue healing and speed your recovery.

Part of Your Naturopathic Prescription

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