Treating the Root Cause of Chronic Illness

Chronic illness currently affects thousands of British Columbians. In some cases, the cause may seem hidden, but as we remove your obstacles to healing, treatment and relief can be found.

Whether you have a condition that has been diagnosed or is yet to be determined, our physicians can support you and meet you wherever you are.

Each person with a chronic illness will experience their disease in a unique way. Our helpful approach is based on identifying your needs as an individual. You will experience reduced symptoms as we improve your day-to-day function and search for the underlying cause of your condition.

Part of Your Naturopathic Prescription

Even if you have had a chronic illness for a number of years, there are steps you can take to feel better and gradually improve your health. Our physicians’ goals are to develop a diagnosis as early as possible and to work with you on your path to recovery.

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