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Tempered only by an enduring respect for nature, our naturopathic physicians aim to find the root cause of your health concern. Your treatment at Restoration Health Clinic is highly compassionate, caring, comprehensive, and tailored especially for you.

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Restore Your Health, Naturally

We foster a grassroots approach to healing using the most natural medicines, complemented by cutting edge research to treat the root cause of your obstacle to healing. Our team of Naturopathic Doctors are all extensively trained to act as your primary care physician. Learn more about our Customized Programs here.

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The Right Companions

As primary care Naturopathic Physicians, we at Restoration Health Clinic see through a different lens. Your extraordinary health is our ultimate concern. Our clinic is located in the heart of Lynn Valley, North Vancouver; we look forward to seeing you there!

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North Vancouver Naturopathic

We’ll guide you to the right balance of lifestyle and natural treatments to best serve your individual needs. We offer a range of Programs and Services, from Well Child Check-ups to Cancer Care to Nutritional Counseling and so much more.  Learn more about how we can help here.